-SHIELD Earth!

DEMAND GLOBAL geomagnetic super-storms DRILLS WaPo BOEINGeng-1
 doomsday clock SHIELD GPinfo

EVIDENCE FOR A SOLAR FLARE CAUSE OF THE PLEISTOCENE MASS EXTINCTION Paul A LaViolette https://journals.uair.arizona.edu/index.php/radiocarbon/article/view/3464/pdf

1859-2003 solar super-storms archive: http://www.solarstorms.org/SRefStorms.html

The Earth SHIELDING proposal with an electromagnetic magma mitigation/averting devastating volcanic disasters/winters plan, is based on the diversion of atmosphere-magma stimulating cosmic rays’ electricity, as we do with spacecrafts and satellites:

“Explosive volcanic eruptions triggered by cosmic rays: Volcano as a bubble chamber” – Ebisuzaki et al www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1342937X10001966

The world TRIPLE Damocles sword REPEL PROPOSAL to AVERT a new WW,
geomagnetic super-storm, volcanic winters, magnetic pole reversal.


Saturn emits 2.3 times more energy than it receives from the Sun!*

Just ONE STEP from starting SHIELDING Earth from devastating galactic electricity!!!


PLASMA sat cell StarTrek Laser

TRUCE + Earth SHIELDING or EXTINCT! …by hundreds of unshielded nuclear reactors…

  • cosmic magma stimulation REPELLABLE
  • - space electric Earth stimulation 1960-16 LESLaser Earth SHIELDING to repel the space Damocles sword over us,
the excessive space electricity causing geomagnetic super-storms & (by stimulating atmosphere – magma) electrovolcanic ice-ages, magnetic poles’ reversal – and to AVERT an EXTINCTION event by all nukes’ explosion!
Ancient, recorded electromagnetic space super-storms that devastated Earth [1 Peratt A., LaViolette P.], made also certain people panicked and fatalist, who kept on making other people fatalist too, the origin of wars [2 Kelly R.] and deforestating, slavery panic-doms, successively collapsing [by abrupt climate change induced by those super-storms 3]… But now, to ensure a safe, centenarian life [4], a rescuing proposal (partly patented by Boeing for other reasons – [5]), has been asked [6] and discussed in world congresses. After the geomagnetic super-storms [7] (the following triggered by the Sun) of 1859 (Carrington global event), 1989 (Quebec black-out), 2003 (Sweden black-out), 2005 (GPS black-out) and the July 2012 NEAR-MISS EXTINCTION event by all nukes’ explosion from a very strong solar super-storm [8] (missed for a few hours! [9]), ([10]), a proposal for Laser Plasma Shield has been made public.
First, let’s see how the space electricity (plasma like the Sun, the lightnings, the flames, the neon bulbs) works on Earth, beyond auroras:
– it causes the thunderbolts, even from CLEAR sky [11- Gurevich A.], which are locally diverted by lightning-rods; – the SAME space electricity, either by the electric galactic center [12] or by the Sun [13- Simpson J.] or by any other star, stimulates the magma, causing strong earthquakes [14- Jain, R]; – the SAME space electricity when it hits lava in the craters, causes volcanic eruptions [15- Ebisuzaki T. et al] and the rising volcanic clouding-cooling, increases polar glaciation, pollution and fears for a new volcanic ice-age [16]… – Also a highly charged electric asteroid or comet [17] passing by the Earth may reverse the magnetic poles, causing a devastating super-charge by deadly cosmic radiation… may be extremely fast, in only a few years/decades! – [18]- Nowaczyk N.R. & ESA fear it’s IMMINENT -[19]).
The cosmic influence on the Sun-Earth environment [20- Mukherjee S.] works like this: CERN CLOUD experiment [21] showed that the galactic cosmic rays’ electricity (stimulate the atmospheric aerosols, mainly volcanic (already produced by space stimulation of magma), together with the water vapor, producing the clouds [22], and, depending on the degree of stimulation, they result in light rains of warm seasons or downpours (plus heat-waves by FROZEN Jet-stream blocking heat [23], and El Ninos by subwater volcanism [24]) alternating with droughts of cold seasons, as in the recent, electro-volcanic Little Ice-age (1258-1900), that destroyed Mayas, Aztecs, Incas, like some precedents devastated pharaohs, Mycenaeans, Romans and many others…
The currently decreasing Sun’s electro-magnetic field strength, weakens also the Earth’s electro-magnetic field, raising the deadly dangers from the incoming space radiation [25- US National Academy of Sciences, Palmer D.].
Top astrophysicists [26- Steinhilber F. / Beer J. Schatten K. / Tobiska W., Kirkby, Livingston/Penn, Lockwood, Svensmark, Abdussamatov, Corbyn) forecast a deep solar minimum, similar to that of the volcanic Little Ice-Age, when “volcanic activity is higher in periods of prolonged minima of solar activity” (27- Strestik J., Casati M.] And “If you had a big volcanic eruption of this sort [globally devastating], let’s say in the middle of Europe today, the effects would be enormous and a few months might not be enough to get your act together” [28- Druitt T. et al].
We propose the forecast and repelling of the excessive space electricity that stimulates Earth, through Laser Plasma Shields over active craters and a Laser satellite net Shield high over Equator (maybe in Lagrangian points), where most space electricity hits our planet, causing volcanic winters (which begun like the recent, electro-volcanically induced, -51oC in the USA) [29], geomagnetic super-storms and magnetic pole reversals, through the change of its angle. Petawatt lasers for shielding, have now being produced [30].
We also propose global afforestation, in case of the worst case scenario. Humankind must act united and fast with the CENTENARIAN MUTUAL-AID CLARITY!

REFERENCES at the end of the page. 

Humankind must act united and fast, with the CENTENTARIAN MUTUAL-AID CLARITY! REFERENCES at the end of the page. Full pdf.

In addition to the Carrington flare (1 September 1859), several other massive solar storms have been noted ever since.

These massive solar storms occurred on

12 October 1859,

4 February 1872,

17-18 November 1882,

30 March 1894,

31 October 1903,

25 September 1909 and

13-16 May 1921.

RECENT super-storms: 13 March 1989 (Quebec black-out), 29 October- 4 November 2003 (Sweden black-out), 14 December 2005 (GPS signal disruption), 23 July 2012 (near-miss extinction event)…

“If a solar storm of the magnitude of the Carrington flare were to occur today, the effect on our modern technologically dependent society would be grave.

Of these, the greatest threat would lie in the loss of stable electrical
power. A massive solar storm could destroy many of the large custom Extra High Voltage (EHV) power transformer in the United States. Then multiple nuclear reactor explosions would occur…

Imagine the effect of a total power blackout for months/years on 100 million people in the U.S. along with many millions across the globe.

Imagine the effect on the entire Earth by current IMPROVIDENCE, if it was big enough, especially when GLOBAL PROVIDENCE may reduce largely the impacts…


Research suggests that personality traits like optimism and having a sense of purpose can benefit your health in a number of different ways, and ultimately help you live longer.
One recent study1,2 has even linked having a sense of purpose in life to reduced odds of suffering a stroke. More than 450 elderly were included in the study, and underwent annual physical and psychological evaluations until their death.
Purpose in life was judged on a five-point scale, and for every one-point increase in the score, the odds of having a macroscopic infarction (clearly visible stroke damage at autopsy) went down by about 50 percent.
In all, those with a strong sense of life purpose were 44 percent less likely to have suffered the kind of major brain tissue damage that drives up your risk of age-related dementia and disability.
The stars, the galaxies, the lightnings, even the FLAMES are PLASMA!


For nearly three years, we have reported on countless discoveries that challenge the foundations of the advertised cosmology and astrophysics.
Today we routinely hear of celestial objects ranging in scale from stars, galaxies and quasar groups that should not exist if the standard astrophysical models are correct. However, it seems that these discoveries, no matter how baffling or unexpected, rarely seem to force any real reassessment of the foundations of gravity illusion. And all of
these theories arose from a basic underlying principle of an electrically sterile and disconnected Universe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=uVaQCjbHVBY Gravity is a weak electrostatic dipole force.

Charged plasma surrounds the Solar System.

Τhe Sun is a glowing anode, or positively charged electrode. Its oppositely charged cathode is invisible, a “virtual cathode,” called the heliosphere that exists billions of kilometers from its surface, where a “double layer” isolates the Sun’s plasma cell from the galactic plasma that surrounds it.
Galactic plasma is otherwise called the Interstellar Medium (ISM).
Electric forces work within a double charge layer above the Sun’s surface, generating active plasma phenomena that are seen by orbiting solar probes, as well as ground-based instruments. Celestial bodies
interact through conductive plasma and are connected by circuits, so the Sun is also assumed to be electrically
connected with the galaxy.
The Sun can be thought of as an unstable electrically charged object seeking equilibrium with its environment. Charges flowing into and out of the Sun can sometimes increase to the point where it releases plasma discharges called solar flares. Conventional scientists think that solar flares, and their associated coronal mass ejections (CME), are caused by magnetic loops “reconnecting” with each other,
causing a short circuit. Magnetic reconnection is a poorly constructed theory, but it is the only explanation offered by heliophysicists.
A dark mode plasma emission is constantly radiating from the Sun, traveling through the Solar System at a speed of 700 kilometers per second when it is at its most energetic. In a gravity-dominated Universe, solar radiation pressure cannot explain how charged particles from the Sun accelerate past Venus, Earth and the rest of the planets. Prior to the solar wind’s discovery, no one expected such acceleration.
Τhere is an obvious explanation: electric fields in space. Coherent electric charges flow through the
Solar System, so it is reasonable to conclude that dark mode solar plasma is affected by electrodynamic fields. Since the circuit that connects the Sun with the Milky Way extends for hundreds of thousands
of light-years, electrical energy is probably constrained by magnetically confined Birkeland currents, providing power to the solar anode.
An Electric Sun creates flares, the hot corona, and all other solar phenomena because it responds to changes in electrical input from our galaxy. Birkeland current filaments electrify the Solar System, supplying more or less power to the Sun as they oscillate in power output. Arc mode, glow mode, and dark mode discharges are all influenced by those flowing electric charges.
These ideas most likely hold the reason for what scientists call the “local hot bubble” (LHB) that surrounds the Solar System. A recent press release states that detectors have located a field of “million-degree interstellar plasma” that initiates an X-ray glow “over the entire sky”.
NASA astrophysicists found that the X-ray background is radiating most strongly in the plane of the Milky Way. According to their theories, it is in that region where X-rays ought to be absorbed. As
Massimiliano Galeazzi from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida stated: “This is a significant discovery. Specifically, the existence or nonexistence of the local bubble affects our
understanding of the area of the galaxy close to the sun, and can, therefore, be used as a foundation for future models of the galaxy structure.”

Kids manual to SHIELD Earth from space and magma disasters!
With the free habits of centenarians and without fatalism!
A child saw at her school that some fatalist adults prevented others to put a FREE arrester, and she persuaded another child from another school, and there they managed to put a lightning rod!!!
Electromagnetic Maypoles
The Earth where we live, like all heavenly bodies revolve around herself
like a top, and, like magnets, keeps us on her, because she as we
too consists of electromagnetized material that is very, very, very
small rotating clouds pulling each other, but not colliding because
of the high speed tumble, which called electrons and protons.
Consider that a speck of dust has 3 trillion such electric clouds,
dancing together like a carousel, with protons and some neutrons (as
we call particles without electricity, borrowed occasionally from the
neighboring protons, to which they alternate roles) in the center
and electrons around!!!

These electrons and protons, when instead of rotating together, flow like a
river to an address (as in lightning or cables), we call them
electricity, and then we must be careful not to touch, as they may
pierce us and dissolve our cells, that is us getting electrocuted.
That is why we are particularly careful when dealing with devices
that work with electricity (must operate them always using dry right
hand, that in case of carelessness, not to pass the current from the
heart going down to the ground), and put lightning rods on buildings
and hypertension filters (which stop excessive electricity) into the
sockets, to avoid ignition from lightnings.

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 The main challenge we face is that awareness of the risk is low. To prepare for this kind of storm, countries need to set plans in place to respond quickly, design safeguards in power and communications infrastructure, and send out clear alerts and warnings to the public, the report suggests. http://www.foxnews.com/science/2015/07/29/uk-govt-earth-will-only-have-12-hour-warning-to-deal-with-next-massive-sun/ 
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It’s not global warming, it’s ocean warming, and it’s leading into the AVERTABLE NOW next ice age.
See “Ice ages looked like El Niño,” Nature, 12 Jul 2002: 
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30. Petawatt superlaser: Japanese design a laser that is more powerful than any laser made before http://wonderfulengineering.com/japanese-design-a-death-star-laser-that-is-more-powerful-than-any-laser-made-before/

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